I am tired of the fighting. I am tired of media, television, and people in suits telling me how I have to think. if I’m a Democrat I have to hate Republicans and disagree with everything they say. If I’m a Republican, I have to do the same thing with Democrats. I can’t be friends with a Christian because I’m an atheist. I can’t be friends with a vegan because I eat meat. I can’t respectfully disagree with you anymore. I can’t have a passionate discussion with you and shake your hand at the end and part friends. That’s what society would have us believe, but I don’t see the world that way.

I believe in the evolution of the human spirit. I refuse to believe that who I am today is who I am required to be tomorrow. I believe that I can become more joyful, more hopeful, and more compassionate. I believe that I can develop a new perspective, that I can grow, that I can become my best self. I believe that I can become aware of my limitations and not be defined by them. I believe that I can discover my strengths and develop them. I believe that our shared humanity is more important than our separate ideologies. I believe that your opinions challenge me to evaluate mine. I believe we are smarter than those in positions of power think we are. I believe that coming together, and arguing, and getting offended, and being passionate, is how we move toward one another especially when we disagree. We will fight and we will offend each other, but in the end, we will shake hands and part friends, because we make our own rules.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I love you more than you could possibly know, because I do not need to know you to love you.