Cheers to the Heathens!

By Guest Writer Philosophanne

Today’s topic is: Intemperance  [noun, excessive indulgence, especially in alcohol.  Antonym: temperance]

When I gave up my former faith, I started looking to take the good parts out of all the others and put them together.  While investigating vegetarianism/veganism, I learned that the Seventh Day Adventists avoid meat and drugs (including alcohol, caffeine, and probably all the other ones, too) and they tend to live a long time.

Choosing Beliefs: Try to Brainwash Yourself

By Guest Writer PhilosophAnne

What do you believe?  Did you choose it? Why do you believe what you believe?  What are your sources? Who are your sources?

I think I always understood belief as a choice.  We could choose to join the church officially as adults through confirmation (although no choice about baptism, but that’s a rant for another time), we could choose to go to religious schools, we could choose to marry someone from the same faith.  I chose that path in life; it was the path that was stretched out before me with few obstacles and….

Keep Your Brains In Your Head

By Guest Writer PhilosophAnne

Of course, there are limits to tolerance.  I refuse to tolerate human rights violations that are justified by religious beliefs.  Grayling has some wise words on that, too:

“When we understand that there is great variety among human needs and interests, we must accept and tolerate it, and be open-minded.  We might otherwise make bad mistakes, and act in a prejudiced and ignorant way, to the detriment of others. This does not mean that we abandon standards … one should not be so open minded that one’s brains fall out.” (A.C. Grayling, The God Argument, emphasis added)

Dear Baby Atheist

By Guest Writer PhilosophAnne

…you don’t need to capitalize god, and you won’t be hearing about the capital G/capital N “Good News”. However, I do have good news for you! You do not need to fear eternal punishment. You are not being watched over every moment of your life.  You do not need to collect points by showing up to worship services. You do not need to desperately try to decipher a cumbersome, counter-intuitive, contradictory book!  That means you can live your life as you see fit and finally feel like you have privacy in the bathroom.

Forgoing Faith and Finding Fulfillment

By Guest Writer PhilosophAnne

I struggle with the fact that my parents have no trouble worshipping a god that is ok with infinite punishment for finite sins, a concept that I find entirely unjust.  I struggle with the fact that my safe space has vanished. I struggle with the fact that there will be ongoing challenges with my family relationships through major life events.

I feel like I have to constantly try to prove myself, like I have to be a shining example of how a heathen can actually be not-an-asshole.  (Here’s the problem with that: sometimes I’m an asshole.)