214 - Motivation Sunday (it doesn't rhyme)

As you pull yourself out of your turkey coma, and continue to eat turkey sandwiches make sure you check out this week's episode. Pastor Luke covers rejection and motivation this week. How do we keep going even when we don't experience results. When do we throw in the towel? How do you get up day after day, work hard, and do the same thing tomorrow? What is the key to pursuing your dreams and goal? Plus, everyone's favorite segment is back "I'm sorry but I can't." Luke covers all the things that drive him nuts, but probably shouldn't; recording concerts on phones, trigger warnings, facebook friend list cleansing and so much more! Roy Moore and Al Franken make an appearance during Religion in the News. Have you followed us on instagram yet? @youratheistpastor we've got some giveaways coming up, don't miss it!!