219- I Quit!

Thank you so much for such a great year! In 2017's final episode Pastor Luke and Producer Tami talk about some great things that took place in 2017. In today's culture of negativity it is so easy to get sucked down into a hole of despair. Challenges were also a part of 2017 for the Your Atheist Pastor show. Part of being human is about learning how to deal with the good and the bad.

Luke and Tami also talk about what the future holds for the show. A new year seems to be a natural time to take a step back and evaluate what's working at what isn't. Rather than just make changes and decisions they want you to be a part of the process and welcome your feedback. If you want to join the conversation there are several ways:

Call and leave a voicemail on the YAP hotline: 1-888-534-0061 

Email the show at: youratheistpastor@gmail.com

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If this show has added value to your life please consider leaving a review and/or comment on the show page. Your reviews and comments help us get noticed, and provide guidance for those who may be looking to join the "church." 

Have a safe, happy, and healthy new year!