216 - Don't be a D!ck (Unless you need to be)

Producer Tami has been baking cookies all week so Pastor Luke has had to wear sweat pants. Another great show, this week Pastor Luke talks about how to spot a d!ck, how to deal with a d!ck, and how to stop being a d!ck. Plus he talks about what's been going on with Israel and how ridiculous it is that evangelical christians are influencing public policy. Oh, you didn't know that, yea, it's BS. Also some great religious news. Australia legalized same-sex marriage. One church is trying to get the word out about mass shootings this Holiday season, and an inspiring story about a Muslim couple who bought a christmas tree for their three christian foster kids. Don't forget to follow us on instagram @youratheistpastor, leave us a review on iTunes, or wherever you download this show. And consider donating this holiday season to keeping the show going at https://www.patreon.com/youratheistpastor