223 - Free College, Abortion, Anti-Vaccines and More!

On this special mid-week edition of the show we talk about free college, abortion, anti-vaccines, racism, beer, and more! Luke's good friend Jason stopped by for a special Instagram Q&A on Sunday. Jason is the owner of Sanctum Brewing Company in Pomona CA, he's a Christian, and describes himself as a Libertarian and/or Classical Liberal depending on the topic. 

We believe it's so important to have civil discussions with people who see the world differently. Jason and Luke both graduated from the same university but went different ways. This conversation is a great opportunity to hear what the "other side" has to say, and allows you to get out of your echo chamber (if you're in one). 

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For more information about Sanctum, like location and hours of operation visit their website: https://www.sanctumbrewing.com/