302 - "My Main Goal is to Get People to Think"

Our featured atheist today is Alex. Once a devout Catholic he started to be very vocal about his atheism on social media, particularly on Facebook and Instagram. He has created and contributed to multiple atheist pages, including the Godless page. He decided to put the atheist label on when he realized the arguments against the existence of God were stronger than the arguments for. Alex is an incredible human being. During his discussion with Luke Alex opens up about the challenges of being pegged as an atheist evangelist and wanting to break out of that mold. He also discusses his new passion project, a way he puts his heart to paper. Alex touches on an important part of the atheist journey, going from angry debates to loving acceptance of religious people while still staying strong in our beliefs. Luke also talks about a huge patreon milestone that we reached this week. Plus a discussion on following through with your goals and dreams.

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