303 - "Part of Being African American is Being Religious"

Welcome to Church!! We have an amazing show this week! Our featured atheist this week is Tatiyana. Tatiyana is one of the lucky ones. She has been questioning religion for as long as she can remember, but she considered herself an athiest at 8, even though she didn't know the term or community at the time. Tatiyana sheds some light on what life is like as an African American teen who also does not believe in god. She and Luke discuss the history of slavery and oppression and how it connects to religion, and what she sees for the future. Luke and Tami share some dirty Christian phrases "Jesus is coming" plus did you know that the anti-christ is going to be a gay jew? It's true, a pastor said so. And how do you love and support a loved one going through a tough time when you can't just 'pray for them.'

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