306 - "I Like the Person I am Now"

Our featured atheist this week is Annalisa! Annalisa comes to us from the buckle of the Bible Belt, Texas. Luke and Annalisa talk about marriage, family, and what kind of personal freedom atheism can bring. So many religious people spend their lives trying to fix something that's not even broken. Take control of your life, love who you are. Luke and Tami go through the top answers to our Instagram question this week, "is there anything you miss about your past religious life?" Can you guess what the most popular question. Plus we talk about some Heretics, Heathens, and give out some High Praise. On the list this week; The Boy Scouts, Catholics, Southern Baptists, and gay conversion therapy. If you make it to the end Tami has a great idea for how to make some money in a post-rapture world, you know, just in case Jesus comes back and we were all wrong!

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