225 - The State of What?

Happy Wednesday! That's right, another Wednesday show coming at you. Pastor Luke and Producer give their take on the State of the Union Address. Plus find out what happens when Jesus takes the wheel in Tennessee, it wasn't pretty. A judge in Texas hears god, and decides to tell the jury what god has to say. Also, Caila Lane joins us to talk about how she saw the light!

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224 - You Do You

This week Luke and Producer Tami talk about the new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division of the Department of Health and Human Services. What does that mean for abortion rights, LGBTQ Rights, and access to contraception? Is this a step toward legalized discrimination?

The Satanic Temple achieved a major victory this week in their case before the Missouri Supreme Court, Florida is wasting everyone's time with a frivolous bill regarding their motto "In God we Trust" and one Missouri State representative is trying to literally redefine marriage.

We have another rousing edition of "I'm Sorry But I just Can't." And Luke and Tami talk about what it means to be selfish. Is it bad to be selfish? Why is there such a stigma attached? Why to we look up to people who follow their dreams, but then shrink when it comes time to pursue ours? 

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223 - Free College, Abortion, Anti-Vaccines and More!

On this special mid-week edition of the show we talk about free college, abortion, anti-vaccines, racism, beer, and more! Luke's good friend Jason stopped by for a special Instagram Q&A on Sunday. Jason is the owner of Sanctum Brewing Company in Pomona CA, he's a Christian, and describes himself as a Libertarian and/or Classical Liberal depending on the topic. 

We believe it's so important to have civil discussions with people who see the world differently. Jason and Luke both graduated from the same university but went different ways. This conversation is a great opportunity to hear what the "other side" has to say, and allows you to get out of your echo chamber (if you're in one). 

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222 - Can I Get a Witness

This week Pastor Luke talks to Jason Koester. Jason is an ex-Jehovah's Witness. Find out about what really happens inside those Kingdom Halls! You can follow Jason on Instagram @rational_thinking

Pope francis caused quite a stir this week with some comments he made about a suspected cover up in Chile, President Jimmy Carter is writing a book, and Luke and Tami take a hard look at what happened with Pastor Andy Savage from Memphis Tennessee. The way the church approaches sex and sexuality causes far more harm. Luke and Tami talk about taking a play right out of the swingers playbook to solve the problem.

Luke also talks about his first funeral as an "Atheist Pastor" better known as a Secular Celebrant. What happens when the family asks for a blessing? 

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221 - Listeners Sound Off

Pastor Luke and Producer Tami answer your questions this week. We had so many great calls and emails over the last month and this week we answer them. We also received some fun comments and some inspirational emails from listeners who were gracious enough to let us read them on the air. One of our favorites is about why we aren't vegan!

Also we talk about the imported anti-semitism that Germany is dealing with due to an increase in migration from Iraq and Syria. Find out why President Trump's travel ban may have actually helped the Muslim communities in the US, and if you've ever wished there was a "wikileaks" for churches, your wish just may come true. 

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220 - Hail Satan!

Happy New Year Church! We are so excited about the first show of the year. We are honored to be joined by the Chapter Head of the Satanic Temple of Los Angeles; Ali Kellog. We learned so much about Satanism, what it is, what members do, and perhaps most importantly what Satanism isn't. Also this week, Egypt is considering making atheism illegal, a mall owner in Texas decided to put a huge monument of the 10 commandments in his mall, and apparently now the US Federal Government is using taxpayer dollars to build churches. 

Plus, producer Tami offers her tips on who to cheer for during the playoffs this season. Stick around to the end, you won't want to miss the last 2 minutes.

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219- I Quit!

219- I Quit!

Thank you so much for such a great year! In 2017's final episode Pastor Luke and Producer Tami talk about some great things that took place in 2017. In today's culture of negativity it is so easy to get sucked down into a hole of despair. Challenges were also a part of 2017 for the Your Atheist Pastor show. Part of being human is about learning how to deal with the good and the bad.

218 - Jesus; Not the Reason for the Season

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Happy whatever you celebrate! We have a great show for you this week. Pastor Luke talks about how this time of year can really bring up some anger towards religious people, especially for "young" atheists. So how do we deal with that anger? He and Producer Tami talk about some Christmas traditions, both in their own families and across the world, like a Yule goat that gets lit on fire occasionally. They also talk about some Christmas history, like Jesus being "born" on January 6th. "I'm Sorry but I Can't" is back for the last time this year! Mall parking lots, slow walkers, and people who treat their birthdays as National Holidays are just a few grievances that are aired during this lovely season. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, we can't wait until Next week when we can talk all about 2018!

216 - Don't be a D!ck (Unless you need to be)

Producer Tami has been baking cookies all week so Pastor Luke has had to wear sweat pants. Another great show, this week Pastor Luke talks about how to spot a d!ck, how to deal with a d!ck, and how to stop being a d!ck. Plus he talks about what's been going on with Israel and how ridiculous it is that evangelical christians are influencing public policy. Oh, you didn't know that, yea, it's BS. Also some great religious news. Australia legalized same-sex marriage. One church is trying to get the word out about mass shootings this Holiday season, and an inspiring story about a Muslim couple who bought a christmas tree for their three christian foster kids. Don't forget to follow us on instagram @youratheistpastor, leave us a review on iTunes, or wherever you download this show. And consider donating this holiday season to keeping the show going at https://www.patreon.com/youratheistpastor

215 - Married Children

Between 2005 and 2015 over 200,000 children under the age of 18 were married in the US. The majority of them were young girls marrying adult men. In Tennessee three 10 year old girls were married to men up to 31 yeas old. California is one of the 25 states that does not have a minimum age for marriage. Meaning, in theory,  girls as young as 10 or 11 could get married with parental consent and a judge's approval. In this very special episode Pastor Luke and guest host Father John Reid, are joined by a very special guest, Sara Tasneem. At age 15 Sara was forced into a religious marriage, she was taken overseas and returned to the US a few months later, pregnant, and was legally married in Nevada. The fact that this happens is complete and utter BS! Love y'all and I hope you enjoy your week!

214 - Motivation Sunday (it doesn't rhyme)

As you pull yourself out of your turkey coma, and continue to eat turkey sandwiches make sure you check out this week's episode. Pastor Luke covers rejection and motivation this week. How do we keep going even when we don't experience results. When do we throw in the towel? How do you get up day after day, work hard, and do the same thing tomorrow? What is the key to pursuing your dreams and goal? Plus, everyone's favorite segment is back "I'm sorry but I can't." Luke covers all the things that drive him nuts, but probably shouldn't; recording concerts on phones, trigger warnings, facebook friend list cleansing and so much more! Roy Moore and Al Franken make an appearance during Religion in the News. Have you followed us on instagram yet? @youratheistpastor we've got some giveaways coming up, don't miss it!! 

213 - Secular Spirituality

Pastor Luke answers the question that's been burning all week, "What is an atheist pastor?" The main topic this week is secular spirituality. What is it? Is it possible to be a secular person (atheist/agnostic) and still have a spiritual connection with others and the world around us? And how can we connect to something greater than ourselves (and should we even try)? Plus some great religious news and Producer Tami reveals a big secret about Luke's childhood bedroom. 

212 - Time For a Change

Have you ever tried to make a change in your life, only to end up right where you started 2 or 3 weeks later? Do you want to make changes but aren't sure how to stick with it? This week is for you. Pastor Luke talks about the 5 most common pitfalls we encounter when we try to make changes and the 4 more effective ways to counter them. Plus a couple bonus ideas from Producer Tami. We also have some great religious news!

211 - The Lost Election Episode

ast year Pastor Luke published "The Election Episode." Some people weren't too fond of it, and this was back when he cared what people thought. In honor of election week, did you know November 7th is election day, we went to the very back of the audio vault and dug out the old election episode. Enjoy this blast from the past, also notice how relevant the content is one year later.  

210 - Living the Dream

210 - Living the Dream

Pastor Luke and Producer Tami are back after a week off. Broadcasting from the new "Your Atheist Pastor Studio." This week Luke discusses what it feels like to go from failure to failure and finally find what feels right, what religious folks might refer to as a "calling." It's never too late to start, whether you're 18 or 80, live your dream, and believe in your process! Why wait for someday when you can start today?

209 - Good Grief

209 - Good Grief

Pastor Luke shares his thoughts (no prayers) on the shooting in Las Vegas and what the response should be. Our world is so connected now, even if you didn't know someone who was in Vegas or any recent attacks, you may still find yourself with this strange feeling of grief. Luke shares some practical examples of how you can find comfort in times of sorrow...

206 - Progress

206 - Progress

This week Luke sits down with Pastor Susan Boyer. Susan is the senior pastor of Laverne Church of the Brethren. They are a progressive church, don't know what that is? Well you'll know after this episode. Some fun religion in the news, plus find out how Producer Tami would choose to be executed