You're going to be on a Podcast!!

Aren't you stoked?

Thank you again for being willing to be a guest on the show! I cannot wait to speak with you. My main focus moving into this new season of the show is to highlight the stories of atheists just like you. People who are willing to boldly live a life without faith, sometimes surrounded by religious people. Below are a few suggestions to make sure we have a kickass time talking.

  • RELAX! You're not speaking to 600-800 people, it's just you and I talking. Try to look at it as just you and I speaking, that will probably reduce some nerves. Nerves are normal, I was nervous when I was on the "Life After God" podcast so I get it. Relax and be you. (wine helps)
  • Believe you have something to offer. You may not have a "dramatic story" but your message is important! Remember, everyone has someone to offer someone. You won't believe the encouragement you will give to people listening!
  • You don't have to answer any questions you don't want to answer.
  • Everything can be fixed or edited, don't worry if you say something you didn't mean to say, we can fix it.
  • HAVE FUN! People are going to hear your story! 600-800 people will hear your voice, you will change lives!

About the interview

  • They all start the same way:
    • I'll introduce you
    • I'll ask you how long you've been an atheist and what your previous religious experience was, after that we see where we go.
  • If you get stuck or lost that's okay, I've got you!
  • This is a time to talk about YOU! If you have a passion, pet project, business, let's talk about it. This is about you, your life, and your experience on this planet, we want to hear about it, even if it's uncomfortable. 
  • We're aiming for 30-45 minutes, a little more or a little less is totally okay
  • Even though we may use the video feature on skype for a more "face to face" experience the video will not be recorded, just the audio.

Some technical stuff:

  • Ensure that you have a strong internet connection. Technology is wonderful until it's not. If your internet connection is not strong or you're concerned about losing signal interviewing over the phone is an option. Most of you will not have a problem.
  • You will need some type of headset configuration. In most cases your earbuds with attached mic will work fine. We cannot do the interview on speakerphone or just with the mic on your computer, there's too much feedback and echo.
  • Do the best you can to find a quiet space. I know you may have kids and dogs and birds but please try to minimize the background noise as much as you can.
  • Please eat or smoke (if you smoke) before our interview, chewing and the flick of the lighter can be heard on the microphone (yes, this has actually happened!)
  • Please log on to skype and add me youratheistpastor or live:youratheistpastor if you have trouble finding me please message me on facebook or instagram, or email me


If you have any other questions please reach out. I can't wait to meet you!!!