302 - "My Main Goal is to Get People to Think"

Our featured atheist today is Alex. Once a devout Catholic he started to be very vocal about his atheism on social media, particularly on Facebook and Instagram. He has created and contributed to multiple atheist pages, including the Godless page. He decided to put the atheist label on when he realized the arguments against the existence of God were stronger than the arguments for. Alex is an incredible human being. During his discussion with Luke Alex opens up about the challenges of being pegged as an atheist evangelist and wanting to break out of that mold. He also discusses his new passion project, a way he puts his heart to paper. Alex touches on an important part of the atheist journey, going from angry debates to loving acceptance of religious people while still staying strong in our beliefs. Luke also talks about a huge patreon milestone that we reached this week. Plus a discussion on following through with your goals and dreams.

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301 - Your Atheist Mom

Happy Mother's Day! Season 3 is here, and it's more about you and your life than ever before. Our featured atheist today is Liz. Liz is amazing, incredible, a badass mom and wife. She grew up and still lives in the Bible Belt. She was one of the lucky ones, questioning the validity of religion around age 5. Now she's a feminist raising three boys with her loving and supporting husband. Liz and Luke talk about parenting, marriage, raising children with an atheist paradigm and how to love and support your sons no matter what. Liz is also a member of the Yappers group and talks a little bit about how that group has helped her connect with people just like her, people stuck in the bible belt but who need love and community, and some quality people to chat with. Luke and Producer Tami are back with another installment of Heathens, Heretics, and High Praise. There's some good news out of Delaware, some awful news out of Georgia, and the Satanic Temple is doing some fun stuff in Santa Cruz. We also found out a really interesting tid bit about Tami at funerals.

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*** - A New Route is Available

n this final episode of season 2 Pastor Luke talks about some personal failings that have been weighing heavy on his heart. He feels like he needs to do better in certain areas and he is promising to do better in season three. Join Luke and Tami as they look ahead to a more exciting and inclusive season of the "Your Atheist Pastor" show.

238 - Non Religious People Believe in God?!

Luke and Tami are really back from vacation! The jet lag has worn off and they're back at it. A recent Pew Research study found that 90% of people believe in god. Of the people who don't believe in god 9% believe in a higher power or spiritual force, but how is that possible? Luke and Tami also talk about Pope Francis' recent interaction with a boy whose father was an atheist. What did Francis have to say about the Father's eternal home? Plus "I'm Sorry but I can't: Travel Edition." And Luke and Tami talk about what traveling would have been like without the church ever existing!

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237 - Pastor Paulie

Luke and Tami are back from vacation, but extremely jet lagged. Jet lag is real people. The knew that though. As they peered into the future they saw how tired they would be so they wanted to introduce you to an amazing person. His name is Paul Moody. Paul and Luke were housemates in college and have maintained a friendship over the past decade. Paul is also a Lutheran Pastor. Paul's church has been working toward becoming a church that boldly opens its doors to the LGBTQ community by becoming an affirming church. Luke and Paul also talk about what it's like being a pastor and having doubts, obviously they didn't come to the same conclusions! If you believe all religious people suck then you'll probably need to skip this episode. If you're looking for hope that religious and non-religious people can live in peace and harmony then do not skip this episode!

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236 - I Saw the Light; Yash

Welcome to church! This week pastor Luke sits down with Yash. Yash is a former Hindu who's lived in India, Canada, and the US. Yash has a fascinating story from growing up in India, not eating meat, and seeing cows as sacred, to now living in the US and enjoying some hamburgers.

Luke doesn't always do a ton of research when he interviews someone, so about 40 minutes into the interview Luke and Yash get onto a topic that would have changed the course of the whole interview, and definitely deserves a round 2! We hope you enjoy the courage and honestly of this incredible person.

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235 - A Brewer! Who owns a brewery! With Beer!

This week Luke sits down with long time friend and all around good guy, Scott Lucas. Scott is one of the owners of Sanctum Brewing Company in Pomona. Aside from his funny voices, way with words, and quick wit, Scott is also a man who cares deeply about humanity and wants to see people happy and fulfilled. Scott is also a Christian. One of our goals on the show is to try to find a way to find commonalities and shared values with those of different faiths.

We hope you enjoy this discussion between two friends, about beer, drunkenness, God, shared values, and hilarious beer names.

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234 - Happy Easter Bunny Day!

It's a pretty big day for most believers in Jesus. Pastor Luke talks about a recent experience he had at a Good Friday prayer service. Robin from Kansas joins the show for another great "I Saw The Light Episode." Robin's courageous story is one for the books. She offers some great insight about coping with illness while being an atheist, parenting, and a mother in law who has attempted to subversively baptize her children! Plus we have "I'm sorry but I just can't" - Grocery Store Edition!

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233 - What Happens When You Die?

**New Segment Alert!!!** Heretics, Heathens, and High Praise where we look at the good, the bad, and the ugly around the religious world. Plus do you know what happens when you die? With your body? Money? Family? Have you even thought about your funeral? How do you feel reading these words? We talk about the hard issues today. We also have a very special guest. We speak with Cody, a combat vet and a real life atheist who was in and around a foxhole.

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232 - Who is Producer Tami?

You met her several months ago, but do you really know who producer Tami really is? What's her story? The wait is over! She's in the hot seat today talking about religion and atheism. In addition to this incredible interview Luke and Tami answer a question from Brian in Canada. Brian is a new dad and his girlfriend and her family are Roman Catholic. They want to baptize the baby but he's not sure and wanted Luke and Tami's opinion. What's your opinion?

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231 - Atheist Community... Mission Impossible?

This week Luke and Tami talk about whether or not it's possible to create a community around the lack of belief in something or someone.

Also, how much time do you Really spend on your phone? 2 hours per day? 3? 8? What does that look like per week? Per year? Over the course of you waking life? Luke downloaded an app this week to track his screen time the results were... disappointing.

Plus, a church in Jerusalem is upset about their properties being taxed, so in protest they decided to shut their doors. Several nuns were arrested this week in Washington DC, and churches in LA are opening up their parking lots to homeless people.

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230 - You Can't Choose Your Family

This week Luke talks about his most recent trip to Michigan. What is it like being a somewhat liberal atheist heading back to the more conservative religious part of the country? Also, Billy Graham died this week. Was his legacy positive or negative? Plus, Muslims in India are burning diapers and a very special air travel edition of "I'm sorry but I just can't."

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229 - I Saw The Light; Jim

Well, it happened again another shooting. Will anything change? Luke and Tami offer their thoughts on the situation. One of them thinks things will change, the other doesn't have that much hope. Plus find out what one funeral home in Wisconsin is doing to get people to talk about death. And we bring you another I saw the light interview. Learn how Jim went from being "too smart to speak in tongues" to being an Atheist.

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228 - Love Is In The Air

This week is an episode I've been looking forward to for a while! I had the opportunity to speak with Emily, Jase, and Dedeker hosts of the Multiamory Podcast. What is polyamory or multiamory? Well, according to their website: "Polyamory is consensual non-monogamy between two or more people, where all parties involved are knowledgeable of each other's existence, and open communication is present across all relationships. This means that everyone involved has agreed to allow each other to date, have sex, and cultivate meaningful relationships with multiple people."

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live out your relationships in a different way? This may be just what you need to get you going!

For more information about Jase, Dedeker, and Emily, check out their website: https://www.multiamory.com/

Even if you're not interested in living a polyamorous lifestyle EVERYONE who listens to their show will learn how to communicate better, I guarantee it!

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227 - Dealing with A-Holes

We've all been there, you try to make the best decision for you and all of the sudden BOOM rude emails and phone calls from a supreme A-hole! This week Luke and Tami let you inside what's been going on during Luke's career transition and how one particular person has been responding. This is a must listen for anyone who's ever encountered someone who reacts out of character from a normal human being. In this episode we talk about how to spot and A-hole, respond to an A-hole, and what some of the underlying issues are behind the A-hole's behavior. If you've ever had to deal with an A-hole let us know what they did and how you handled it! If you'd like to share your story email us at youratheistpastor@gmail.com

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226 - Republican Atheists

Have you ever said or heard someone say, "how can someone be an atheist and a Republican?" I sure have! In fact, I may have said it a few times in my life. Wonder no longer. This week founder of The Republican Atheists Lauren Ell joins us all the way from Sweden to talk mass migration, healthcare, Trump and so much more. Plus we have a new book to read this month for the "Your Atheist Book Club."

In addition to all this, find out why a church in Jeffersonville Indiana is in hot water over a bill board, a member of a hardcore anti-muslim political party in Germany just converted to Islam, and CBS wants you to be friends with God on Facebook.

Stick around till the end to hear about the "30 day mirror challenge"

Stay Godless Everybody

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225 - The State of What?

Happy Wednesday! That's right, another Wednesday show coming at you. Pastor Luke and Producer give their take on the State of the Union Address. Plus find out what happens when Jesus takes the wheel in Tennessee, it wasn't pretty. A judge in Texas hears god, and decides to tell the jury what god has to say. Also, Caila Lane joins us to talk about how she saw the light!

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224 - You Do You

This week Luke and Producer Tami talk about the new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division of the Department of Health and Human Services. What does that mean for abortion rights, LGBTQ Rights, and access to contraception? Is this a step toward legalized discrimination?

The Satanic Temple achieved a major victory this week in their case before the Missouri Supreme Court, Florida is wasting everyone's time with a frivolous bill regarding their motto "In God we Trust" and one Missouri State representative is trying to literally redefine marriage.

We have another rousing edition of "I'm Sorry But I just Can't." And Luke and Tami talk about what it means to be selfish. Is it bad to be selfish? Why is there such a stigma attached? Why to we look up to people who follow their dreams, but then shrink when it comes time to pursue ours? 

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223 - Free College, Abortion, Anti-Vaccines and More!

On this special mid-week edition of the show we talk about free college, abortion, anti-vaccines, racism, beer, and more! Luke's good friend Jason stopped by for a special Instagram Q&A on Sunday. Jason is the owner of Sanctum Brewing Company in Pomona CA, he's a Christian, and describes himself as a Libertarian and/or Classical Liberal depending on the topic. 

We believe it's so important to have civil discussions with people who see the world differently. Jason and Luke both graduated from the same university but went different ways. This conversation is a great opportunity to hear what the "other side" has to say, and allows you to get out of your echo chamber (if you're in one). 

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222 - Can I Get a Witness

This week Pastor Luke talks to Jason Koester. Jason is an ex-Jehovah's Witness. Find out about what really happens inside those Kingdom Halls! You can follow Jason on Instagram @rational_thinking

Pope francis caused quite a stir this week with some comments he made about a suspected cover up in Chile, President Jimmy Carter is writing a book, and Luke and Tami take a hard look at what happened with Pastor Andy Savage from Memphis Tennessee. The way the church approaches sex and sexuality causes far more harm. Luke and Tami talk about taking a play right out of the swingers playbook to solve the problem.

Luke also talks about his first funeral as an "Atheist Pastor" better known as a Secular Celebrant. What happens when the family asks for a blessing? 

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