The Your Atheist Pastor (YAP) Relief Fund was inspired during Luke's conversations with two very special women, Robin (ep.234) and Amanda (ep. 308). Robin's husband is battling cancer and Amanda is also fighting against the awful disease. Luke came face to face with the complete utter helplessness we face as atheists when talking to someone we cannot hug or console in any meaningful way. Christians can pray and feel like they're doing something, but we know thoughts and prayers are worthless, so we want to do something about that.

15% of our monthly Patreon donations go to the YAP Relief Fund. We know that many folks will not nominate themselves so we want you to be ale to nominate someone. We will do our due diligence to make sure this checks out but we can leave your name out of it. We will require some personal information (phone number and address) in order to investigate your request. To nominate someone fill out your request below.


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